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Things You Should Never Do in a Museum

There exists a museum for every interest. From art, history, culture, tradition, medical oddities to puppetry, name it, and you have it. While all these places may exhibit diversification in their displays, they are still united by the code of conduct and a few unwritten rules of the ambience.

Some popular ones like ‘No smoking’‘Do not touch the art’, are pretty obvious, but some unspoken rules are not so obvious and require a bit of digging in to understand them.

It is imperative to enlighten oneself with such knowledge in order to gain the utmost experience of the ambience and also not diminish the experience to the other visitors in the building.

On that note, let’s dig into some of the things that you ought not to do in a museum.


This mainly applies to travellers who are in the city for a couple of hours. There are plenty of reasons why a traveller is bound to their baggage. But it is imperative to know that carrying hefty baggage inside the museum at best appears rude and at the worst, will not be allowed through the security check. It could also knock over precious pieces and artefacts and damage floor and walls. Hence, they also provide a locker room to store all the essentials.

No climbing exhibits

Many of the museums do not allow children below a certain age to even entre the ambience of the museum. The reason being the history of how parents saw no problems with their toddlers and kids of climbing exhibits and damaging artefacts. Although it means nothing to the visitors, it might hurt the feelings of the people who are fans of the artists’ work, at the cost of millions of dollars. Ignorance is not always bliss.

Flashbulbs on paintings

There exists an ongoing debate about the effects of the flashbulb on some of the most famous painting. A general rule of thumb is that museum photography is always done without a flash. Although no study exists that proves that the flashes from cameras can fade the pigment of the paintings or the pieces, it is still respectful to abide by the rules.

Leaning on walls

We’ve all been there – tired travellers who are just looking for a place to rest their back for a brief moment. Sorry to burst your bubble, but museums are not the ideal places for that. You might also trigger the beep of the sensors and end up embarrassing yourself, for a moment rest.

Leaning on walls

Loud noises

We have all come across loud kids, giggling and laughing, enjoying their time, which might sound rude and offending to the people in the ambience, especially if you’re amidst a melancholy painting or a picture. Hence, content yourself or your kids from making loud noises when in the museum.

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