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195 Goundry Street North Tonawanda, New York 14120
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About The Museum

Learn about the history and making of the North Tonawanda History Museum. Explore the journey of this museum and the major events that change its surroundings throughout the years. Follow this online guide to read about the history of the museum and the city.

The Exhibitions

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Get guided assistance throughout the museum to learn about the artifacts and historical valuables.


Purchase tickets for limited photography and videography inside the museum with an assistant.

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Get the right medical facilities available during the tour. Locate the nearest hospitals to the museum.

Tour Guide

Hire a tour guide to explore the historical monuments of the city as well as the artifacts inside the museum. Just follow the metal signs to find your way.

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Purchase museum guidebooks at the entrance.

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Get a 360 tour around the museum.

Try our new VR feature to explore the museum from home.

Find the oldest scriptures and artifacts at the museum with experienced guides.

Explore the history of the city with our online history books.


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We are a team of tour guides and museum guides who work together to provide the best educational tours around the city. Explore the city’s history and architecture, and we will be there to answer all your questions.

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