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About North Tonawanda History Museum

North Tonawanda is a beautiful city that is located In the Niagara County of the United States. It is a tiny city with a population of around 35,000 according to the census reports of 2010. The town gets its name after the Tonawanda Creek, from the Southern borders.

Just like the United States, the city is an epitome of tourist attractions and extends its beauty to not only the riverside boating, mountains and the famous waterfalls, but also museums and historical collections of artefacts. One of the most fantastic attractions for the Museum and historical artefact lovers of the place is the North Tonawanda History Museum.


About the Museum

  • The Museum was originally located on Oliver Street and after months of preparation and grinding to shift to a new place. Now it has finally settled on Webster Street. The new building extends up to 8000 square feet and is also just a fraction of their previous building.
  • The Museum exhibits a wide range of history which also comprises of an archival research centre.
  • The main area of the building starts their journey from the ICE age and takes the visitors on a ride from then, till the 20th-century artefacts.
  • It involves a depth of collection of artefacts from the past that plays a vital role in their collection in today’s modern world.pre-historic times
  • Although some of them are a little rough according to the visitors, they’re still a treat to watch the items used during the pre-historic times.
  • The Museum entertains its visitors with an array of items that are displayed on board all the time, and new items are being added every other month, hence giving the visitors a chance to explore exciting things during every visit.
  • The staff inside the ambience is well-trained to enlighten the visitors with the knowledge of the place. The items present in the building speak volumes about the places, people, their culture and tradition that are much caring and loveable to listen to.
  • The Museum also comprises of a library inside the ambience, for the readers to understand the in-depth knowledge of the past.
  • In recent times, it is also popularly called the Lumbar Museum, which also comprises of bowling lanes for the kids and the children to have fun, while the elder’s research about the leftovers.
  • In addition to the previously existing main display room, now the ambience also boasts a community room that will conduct various events in the ambience.ambience
  • The Buffalo music hall inside the Museum will host music programs and concerts that will take place on a daily basis to entertain the guests.
  • In addition to the amenities mentioned above, the Museums also is a lover of the rich knowledge provided by the books. Hence, they occasionally host book sales and festivals as well.

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