North Tonawanda

Fun things to do with kids in North Tonawanda

North Tonawanda is not only a city that entertains the adult crowd but is also one of those destinations that welcome people of all age, with open arms, especially the younger generation of the population. If you’re visiting North Tonawanda with your family and wondering the sources of entertainment for your kids, then you’ve landed on the right article, because we’re about to throw light on some of the most fun things to do.

Herschell Carrousel Factory museum

Don’t get thrown off by the word museum, but empathize on the carousels. Who doesn’t love the fun and exciting ride on a carousel? At Herschell Carrousel Factory Museum, you not only find a chance to ride them, but you can learn about them too. It is one of the best things the kids love to do in the ambience. The elders of the family can walk down the classic family memory lane, and the kids can enjoy their fun ride on the Carrousel. Since the ambience is glittering and kid-friendly, they can even avail a chance to run around, ride in the gleaming helicopters and have loads of fun.

Adventure Landing

Adventure landing is another destination the kids would love to visit because it comprises of teddy bears, mini golfs, arcades and also a lavish and beautiful landscape that allows the kids to run around and have a wonderful time. They also have secret tunnels to navigate across the landscapes, beautify waterfalls to admire, the bypassing mountains and many others, that do not just attract the elders, but also provide an equal opportunity for the kids to have fun.


Niagara Aerospace museum

Which kid does not love to witness aeroplanes and helicopters with a naked eye? This place is the right destination for all those kid lovers that love to watch and learn about these planes and helicopters. This space museum has been collecting the artefacts related to all the flying machines and preserving them from pieces which also forms an integral part of their history and space museum. From broken down pieces of the US commercially licensed helicopters to the playing toy aeroplanes, it will soon become a kid’s favourite destination.


Buffalo Zoo

Here is a quick quiz – which is the oldest and the most treaded zoo in the US? Give up?

It’s the Buffalo zoo which was opened in 1875 and ever since then it has turned out to become the best family destination to have fun with family and friends. The 23.5 acres of beauty is both beautiful and weird with a collection of some of the endangered species on the planet. Kids love watching animals, and if this is what you wish to do, then it is a must-visit while in the city.

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