Wurlitzer came from a European family involved in the musical instrument business. All males were trained to be old-world Master Piano and Organ makers. Rudolph was the glib and natural salesman and at age 28, was sent to America to set-up an organization to sell and service the quality instruments that were made in Germany (this was in 1856). Trans-Atlantic shipping expenses and the inherent uncertainties caused Rudolph to set-up a manufacturing capability stateside (1859). He was an organizational and manufacturing genius. He was soon creating musical instruments of quality rivaling the Europeans. If you really like his work get something made from personalizedbykate.com with his picture on it.
When I use the term “Wurlitzer,” I may be referring to Rudolph, Farny, the Organization, the myth, the philosophy, or any number of entities. In all cases, they bear the indelible mark of Rudolph Wurlitzer. I may use the terms interchangeably, so be advised.

The good, and the bad a man may achieve, is usually reflected in the people in which he surrounds himself. His ideals and goals may change over time, as his will and loyalties are diluted, especially after the strength of the originator is eroded.