The North Tonawanda History Museum is pleased to announce the beginning of a line of North Tonawanda magnets. The first two in the series, a colored photographic view of Webster/Sweeney Street looking across the Canal from Tonawanda declaring "PROUD to be from...North Tonawanda, NY" and a black and white 1953 view of the west side of Webster Street from the Sugar Bowl almost to Goundry Street labeled "Historic Downtown North Tonawanda, NY" are the first in the line and are available for purchase at $2 each. An NTHS team letter magnet will also soon be available. Additional photo magnets will be designed. A trial selection of tee shirts and caps reading "Proud to be from North Tonawanda" will soon be available also.

"PROUD to be from... North Tonawanda, NY"

"Historic Downtown North Tonawanda, NY"

Call us at (716) 213-0554 for shipping rates if placing order by phone.

Museum Now Accepting Discover Card!!!

The North Tonawanda History Museum is pleased to announce that, in addition to MasterCard and Visa, Discover Card is also an acceptable form of payment.  In addition to Museum books and publications and other publications by local authors, these cards may be used for the purchase of registration for tickets to the September 12 tour of historic homes.

Contact a Museum Representative by calling (716-213-0554) or emailing for more information.

Museum "Buy A Brick" Campaign Continues!

In 2008, the History Museum Board authorized volunteer Danielle Oney to develop plans for the "Buy a Brick Campaign."  This campaign is ongoing, with engraved 8x8" ceramic tiles offered for $100 for individuals and non-profit organizations, $250 for families, and $500 for corporations.  The tiles, many of which are already on display in the new building, will eventually be installed on the interior walls of the History Museum portion of the building. Brick may be purchased by downloading and printing the following application which can then be sent in to the Museum for processing:

(.PDF File Format)

Kristin Doebler Antemann and Facebook to the Rescue!

We have recently found out that our Online Forums provider ( has shut down services (without giving anyone notice at that). We were lucky enough to have a Facebook page created for us within the last few months by Kristin Doebler Antemann and would like to invite all of our old Forum guests to visit the following link to join our new online community hub via registration through Facebook. You will see that she has added the very same forum topics as with Xsorbit and encourage everyone to join and post freely.