History Museum Announces A New War Of 1812 Exhibit

Photo courtesy of History Museum volunteer William Bauza

North Tonawanda History Museum member/volunteer James Steele, a retired City of Tonawanda School District elementary school teacher has created a War of 1812 exhibit to enable North Tonawanda History Museum staff and volunteers to tell the story of the War of 1812 and how it impacted on the Tonawandas. Steele and his colleague, retired City of Tonawanda art teacher Demelt Shaw are the brainchilds behind the Pan-American Expo exhibit donated to the History Museum in 2011 through Shaw's efforts. The two History Museum members/volunteers are continuing the development of the Pan-American exhibit and will be developing an Erie Canal in the Tonawandas exhibit. The History Museum is seeking donations toward a program coordinated by the two men which will include students in North Tonawanda schools in the continuing development of these exhibits.