Dom Polski

This photo was taken in 1947 for the 25th anniversary celebration of Dom Polski Hall, 576 Oliver Street.  Stephen Litwin was assisted by William Witkowsky, Albin and Alice Brzezinski, Roberta Pfeil, Cecelia Wilczek, and Victoria Witkowski in identifying the 42 people in the photo. Thanks to Mrs. Jerome Kubiniec for correcting her father-in-law, Aloysius' name.
Front Row: (sitting) L-R, Jacob Czarnecki, Julian Wellenc, Walter Zdrojewski, Stefan Spiridowicz, Lawrence March, Mary Misiewicz, Julie Mroczko, and Carrie Tomaszewski.
Second Row: L-R, Anna Spiridowicz, Mary Dziomba, Julia Lonczak, Mary Jaszczak, Jennie Kuzniar, Helen Pilarski, Karolina Swierszcz, Frances Witkowski, Nicholas Tomaszewski, and Joseph Borowiec.
Third Row: L-R, Stanley Rosinski, Walter Jesella, Dr. Thaddeus Reszel, Stanley Sobus, John Stempin, Aloysius M. Kubiniec, and Edward Socha.
Fourth Row: L-R, Lottie Gawrys, Anna Sukiennik, Mary Pilarski, Adele Wawrzynek, Jane Wawrzynek, Frances Dziminski, Frances Siedlecki, Jawiga Tyczkiewicz, and Rose Litwin.
Fifth Row: L-R, Jacob Tokarczyk, John Sukiennik, Joseph Wawrzynek, Benjamin Matecki, Joseph Kukucka, Stephen Wilczek, Marion Sikora, and Benjamin Paruszewski.

The land the club now stands on was obtained March 28, 1917 by the POLISH FALCON GYMNASTIC ASSOCIATION, INC. by purchase from the late STANLEY and JULIA GOSCINSKI . This organization was originally formed under the title of INDEPENDENT POLISH FALCONS June 20, 1913. The change of title to HARMONIA SINGING CIRCLE, INC. came June 11, 1914 by the merger of POLISH FALCONS and IM TADEUSZ KOSCIUSZKO. The construction of the building was undertaken June 6, 1919 when the HARMONIA SINGING SOCIETY signed a contract with W. M. MILLER, the contractor, to erect a building on the present site at a cost of $12,350.00. It was signed by Joseph Oleksak, president and John Wieloszynski, secretary.

On December 5, 1921, the Board of Directors of THE HARMONIA SINGING SOCIETY voted a merger with THE KNIGHTS OF ST. CASIMER to form one organization to be known as STOW. OBYWATELI DOMU POLSKIEGO,INC.

For more informtion on Dom Polski, please visit the Dom Polski (Polish Home) web site by Steve Litwin HERE.

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