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Ad from North Tonawanda's Sesqui-Centennial book, produced in 1947.  Buffalo Bolt began at the time North Tonawanda went from being a village to a city form of government.  Polish immigrants arrived in large numbers to work at Buffalo Bolt Company in North Tonawanda.  Ad copy:  "Half a century ago the Buffalo Bolt Company moved to North Tonawanda.  From humble beginnings the company, like the community itself, has grown to a point where it is nationally known.  Bolts and nuts produced by our employees are used by America's leading manufacturers in the production of automobiles, farm equipment, ships, trains, household appliances, and hundreds of other products.  Lawnmowers manufactured by our Eclipse division are considered the finest made.  Sucker Rods produced by our Jones division are widely used in the oil fields.  And all of our Buffalo Bolt Company products are sold throughout the world by the Buffalo International Corporation."

Photos of Buffalo Bolt employees at work in 1920, as displayed in North Tonawanda Public Library exhibit by North Tonawanda History Museum.  Photos courtesy of North Tonawanda City HIstorian Dan Bille. The Museum has a copy of the original book from which these photos were taken.

More of the photos in the 1920 Buffalo Bolt photo exhibit at the Library .

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Photos Courtesy of Museum volunteer JamiLee Piatt

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