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History Museum Announces Hours for 2013

New War Of 1812 Exhibit

A new museum of the rich immigrant heritage of North Tonawanda, known as the “Lumber Capital of the World” and its role as an important shipping and manufacturing center on the historic Erie Canal and the mighty Niagara River in the 19th and early 20th centuries.Includes fascinating exhibits, research assistance, quality programs, historic publications, and a visitor information center.

Museum Needs Your Help!

The Board of Trustees of the North Tonawanda History Museum requests your immediate support of the day-to-day operations of what is rapidly becoming acknowledged as a quality history center and a regional attraction for visitors. We have been operating with an operating funding gap since the beginning of the year.
Following six years of profitable operations, we have encountered serious setbacks in the last 18 months because of the economic downturn and just as we had taken on our move into larger quarters and set up for operations and activities. We had to draw on our reserves to make up for reduced grant income caused by the nation's financial crisis. We needed--and continue to need--our current facilities in order to properly protect and display and make accessible to the general public the rich and unique history of North Tonawanda.
Those who spend time appreciating what we have created thus far are so grateful. We have been told by museum knowledgeable individuals across the State that we have accomplished in seven years what would have taken many others 30 years to do.
Our wonderful and loyal volunteers and primarily volunteer staff deserve the financial support of those we serve. Utilities, insurance, telephone, internet service, payroll, etc., etc. all must be paid in monetary form. Our supporters assist us with donations of office supplies and many operating supplies on a continuing basis, reducing our monetary outlays for such things. Our volunteer Executive Director and her crew have worked miracles to bring us this far. We are, however, at a critical stage right now and need your donations, as you are able, to be able to continue through our eighth year.
The North Tonawanda History Museum is a charitable organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.
We, the Board of Trustees, are truly grateful for the membership fees, donations, purchases of Museum publications and support of our activities. Without you, we wouldn't have begun--and we wouldn't have gotten this far.
Our Executive Director, staff and volunteers need your support of our day-to-day operations as enthusiastically as you are in a position to do so that they can continue to develop the exhibits, properly preserve and protect our rapidly expanding collections, and continue the quality research for which we have become highly respected.
We encourage you to consider becoming a Lumber City History Center Steward, with a regular donation, monthly, quarterly, or annually, as you are able, or by becoming a member of our Legacy Society by any number of methods, including simple bequests in your will. It is our firm belief that one day someone who values our efforts will provide for an endowment fund to get us through lean periods in the future.
In the meantime, in addition to our existing needs for capital items, we currently need your help in any way possible in addressing our current funding gap.
Board of Trustees
North Tonawanda History Museum
Lumber City History Center
54 Webster Street - North Tonawanda, NY 14120
Phone: 716-213-0554    Fax:  716-213-0155

Museum Announces Volunteer and Board Positions Available Immediately

The North Tonawanda History Museum is seeking a number of volunteer trainees who are able to commit to a regular weekly schedule. These volunteers will be trained for specific museum related responsibilities.

Needed are volunteers for the following categories:

Researchers - preferably with experience in working with old records, directories, census reports, land deeds, etc. Will train as needed if sufficient interest exists. Computer and internet experience valuable. Must collaborate with archival records coordinator, reference library assistants, digital records assistants, cataloguing assistants, and data entry assistants.

Data entry assistants to be trained to use museum specific software, requires use of digital camera, scanner, etc. Must be detail oriented. Must collaborate with digital records assistants, cataloguing assistants, reference library assistants, and archival records assistants.

Docents/greeters, must enjoy history and meeting people. Must be team oriented.

Digital records assistants - for scanning and other related assignments, collaborating with other digital records assistants, cataloguing assistants, archival records assistants, reference library assistants, and data entry assistants.

Cataloguing assistants - must enjoy manual record keeping, creating labels, collaborating with digital records assistants, data entry assistants, reference library assistants, archival records assistants.

Reference library assistants - must have library experience, collaborate with archival records assistants, cataloguing assistants, digital records assistants,

Archival records assistants - must have thorough knowledge of filing methods, enjoy history, collaborate with cataloguing assistants, digital records assistants, data entry assistants and reference library assistants.

Volunteer coordinator - must have experience in orientation, training, scheduling, and volunteer records management.

All volunteers report to the Executive Director and Assistant Executive Director. Residence in North Tonawanda is not a requirement.

Call or email for an application form.

Also, the Governance Committee of the Board of Trustees is seeking candidates for several additional openings on the Board of Trustees. Call or email for an application form.